My entire life revolves around making music. Every day I wake up, brush my teeth, go on a run, and basically make songs until the sun goes down. If I had to estimate, I probably make close to 30 songs/mini ideas per month - and that’s being very conservative.
Out of the 300+ song ideas that I make per year, I realistically only get 12-15 at bats to show DSPs what I’m working on. Often times, that curation has to do with what artists are on what song, who else is releasing in the same week, and a bunch of other politics that don’t make a ton of sense.
Releasing music shouldn’t be complicated.
Kevin George sent me this acapella last week as my flight from Miami back home to LA was taking off. I produced the entire thing from start to finish on the flight. I tweaked it that night, bounced it and played it at the Glass House release party the next day.
I’m putting this song out to challenge the notion that every song has to have the perfect roll out and campaign. If you love a record, put it out. It doesn’t matter if it took you 3 hours or 3 years 💛
What is the total supply?
Ball! has a Total Supply of 100 NFTs.
What is the maximum mint per wallet?
During the Presale, each wallet can mint up to 1 Ball! NFTs.

During the Public Sale, each wallet can mint up to 5 Ball! NFTs.
When does minting open?
Ball! will roll out in the following phases:

Phase 1: Presale
All Daniel Allan Sound.xyz collectors can mint on Wednesday, Oct 5th at 11:02AM PST.

Phase 2:  Public Mint
The public mint starts on Wednesday, Oct 5th at 12:02PM.
Daniel Allan
Daniel Allan