Criteria is an 8-track project between Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun.

A fusion of electronic music and hip-hop - Criteria brings together the best of both worlds and is meant to bring web3 music to a wider audience.

The collection consists of 2500 editions with activations across Sound, Bonfire, OnCyber, Spinamp and Arpeggi.
What is Criteria?
An 8-track project between Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun minted as a collection of 2500 Music NFTs.
What is the total supply?
There are 2500 editions in Criteria.
What is the price?
The OP and presale phases are priced at 0.04 ETH.
The public mint price is 0.05 ETH.
What are the mint phases?
OP - Thur, Dec 15th at 10AM PST
Presale - Thur, Dec 15th at 3PM PST
Public Sale - Fri, Dec 16th at 3PM PST
What is the OP Phase?
The OP Phase is reserved for collectors with more than 10 NFTs from Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun.
The mint price is 0.04 ETH and there is a max mint of 75 editions per wallet.
What are the max mints per Phase?
OP - 75 editions per wallet
Presale - 25 editions per wallet
Public Sale - 3 editions per wallet
What is the total supply per Phase?
OP - 750 editions
Presale - 1500 editions
Public Sale - 2500 editions
Where can I learn more?
Learn more by joining the Criteria collector chat here.
Eligible to anyone who holds a Daniel Allan or Reo Cragun NFT.