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What is Overstimulated?Overstimulated comments on the overwhelming nature of my personal journey. When life gets hectic, my coping mechanism is music. Sometimes I don`t know how to communicate, so I suppose this is my way of sharing that experience with the world.
Overstimulated EP Out Now
Overstimulated is community-owned, representing the master rights to the artist share of the project. The Mirror crowdfund raised 50 ETH, and backers received Overstimulated NFTs and $OVERSTIM tokens for their support.
Overstimulated is a DAO governed by the $OVERSTIM token.
👐 General Admission
Open to all
  • The Daniel Allan Discord is open to all. Come hang
🦋 $OVERSTIM Holders
  • Gain access to a private area of the Discord just for $OVERSTIM holders
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Hold any Daniel Allan 1/1 NFT
  • Gain access to the most exclusive section of the Discord and jam out with Daniel and other 1/1 collectors
Overstimulated Treasury
Treasury Address
The treasury is the on-chain bank account of the Overstimulated DAO, and is governed by the $OVERSTIM token.
RoyaltiesAdditionally, the treasury will receive streaming royalties from the Overstimulated EP, as well as 50% of the artist share* of Daniel Allan NFTs (primary sale & royalties)
Primary NFT Sales50%
Merch Sales50%
Roaylties on Secondary NFT Sales50%
& More
*50% of the artist’s share, not the overall value
Daniel Allan
Daniel Allan
I’ve been making music since I was 14. When I turned 22, I dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a life in music. Music has been my passion since my Dad first gave me a Beatles CD and my Mom forced me into classical music, so living in LA and making music every day has been a dream come true. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. When I was in middle school I noticed rappers needed ways to record and that I could be that guy. Having no experience, I set up shop in my bedroom closet, where I proceeded to record everyone that had any semblance of a demo. By my sophomore year in high school, I eagerly suggested to be their producer too. After my sophomore year I ended up at Lollapalooza - by total accident. I managed to spend all of my savings on a last minute ticket. I was instantly hooked and over the course of the next four years would go to as many shows as I could and proceeded to produce a heinous amount of EDM. I became addicted to the process and came to appreciate artistry. I’ve always had the craziest appreciation for artists that seamlessly blend their audiovisual worlds. My biggest inspirations are Odesza, Flume, and Kanye West because their live shows play into the experience just as much as the music. I’ve always aspired to do the same for people who come across my music.